Helping Victims of a University of Colorado Campus Cult


Victimized students, their distraught parents and the now concerned press are all spreading awareness and warnings

Extensive Resurrection Church cult press coverage (click)

Testimonials from victims and parents (click)

Cult flyer warning for CU Students (click)

Victim site link for in depth view of this cult system and help resources  (click)

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Resurrection Church is led by Aaron Brechtel, disciple of Steve Hall. Beware the teachings.  Parents of members in this affiliate system claim to have had a son murdered by an abused other member in one of their standard practice member-only compound homes used to commence isolation and discipleship;  daughters moved into the Pastor’s basement, disciplined and induced to serve Pastor’s house chores, cut off from family, soon after married to male members in pastor-arranged or approved pairings. One former member recounts building out basements specifically to house women members, then seeing all of them over time married off.  Former members claim to be suicidal and clinically depressed from abuses.  Be most careful of unusual teachings and methods.  Victims warn of a deceptive and insidious path that starts out friendly.  This affiliate system was audited and then left the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountabilty. The RCO at University of Colorado banned Resurrection Church based on concerns.  Other affiliate churches have been banned or limited on other campuses.  Be fully aware by doing your own research.  Listen to this audio (also found on other warning sites) from sessions with leaders, including Aaron’s involvement, demonstrating their teachings.  Exercise caution.  Judge for yourself.  Many victims are now taking a stand in multiple states, spreading warnings and with active discussions and calls for action with state and federal legal authorities, as well as civil proceedings.  If you are a current member, or know of one, beware involvement in any potential wrongdoings.  Escaped victims warn members that once in deep and finally seeing the abuses more clearly, the complex psychology of denial sets in until reality finally wins over.  They warn the damage over more time is extensive and students and parents must not get in the denial trap.   Act now.